Global networks for trainers and experts

Establish and facilitate your global network from KPIs to implementation. Align, sustain quality, and learn from each other. Strengthen knowledge sharing and build trustful relations. Build and maintain local competence by train-the-trainers.


Content of Global networks for trainers and experts:

1. The strategic overview and concept of the network: Objectives, success criteria, the perfect match of participants, incentive structures, cultural aspect mm.

2. Facilitation and ownership: Virtual knowledge sharing, synchronous and asynchronous, choose the right media. Formal and informal interaction. Less is more and time-limited activities. Strengthening the relationships of the participants – the “superglue” of the network.

3. The meetings: Design and facility the virtuel/face to face meetings with the 5 main components. Make your own Networking MeetingModel, to ensure quality and consistency across meetings. Push and engage before and follow up after.





YOUR OWN PROCEDURE: Call for price on a specific arrangement on e.g counseling, tools, oberservation and follow up.
COURSE: 3.600/15.000 DDK. Ex. transportation expenses.


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