MeetingBox 1.1© – Your conference toolbox

MeetingBox 1.1© – your conference toolbox to optimize your arrangements. Planning, design and facilitation step-by-step.

Content of MeetingBox 1.1©

Use the Guide Designing Arrangements in the conference toolbox to design and plan your arrangement. Discover all the do’s and dont’s in an easy legiable form to guide you through the proces step-by-step.

The Activity Cards in your conference toolbox
In the table of content you can see, which activity cards are suited for which purposes, for instance Check in, Before, during and after a presentation, Networking etc.

Use the bell to call order without losing your voice during the meeting

The energy level at the meeting was much higher than normal. The professional level too. All participants were more motivated and involved, took more ownership of the meeting, and reflected on how to use the results from the meetings themselves.

JAI A/S, Henriette Olsen, VP Sales and Marketing


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