MeetingBox 2.1© – Meeting toolbox

MeetingBox 2.1© – use the meeting toolbox to increase the engagement and output of team meetings, divisional meetings, steering commitee meetings and other recurrent meetings

Content of MeetingBox 2.1©

Find the guides; Get started on new meeting habits, Design your meeting, and MeetingLeader and practical tips for designing and planning your meetings

Select the Activity Cards from your meeting toolbox before the meeting. In the list of content you can see, which cards are suited for which purpose at the meeting

Use the Templates for the agenda and the time. Design your meeting with the Activity Cards containing concrete suggestions for meeting activities.

Create attractive Agendas and Summaries – use Tips and Templates 
Focus on the meeting participants with the MeetingTablecloth
and Meeting advice 

Draw attention to the MeetingLeader and the MeetingObserver with the signs.
Control time and pass on the word to the participants with hourglass, beanbag, and bell.

I used check-in and check out as well as blue activities during the meeting, including a walk and talk. I got credit afterwards and the participants left the meeting happy and satisfied, which was not usual. I will recommend MeetingBox 2.1, as it is extremely easy to use and quick to choose a couple of methods from.

CBS, Office of external affairs, Jannie Henriksen, Career Event Manager


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