MeetingBox 4© – Your virtual meeting toolbox

MeetingBox 4© is your virtual meeting toolbox. Plan and lead efficient digital meetings step by step, and make the participants concentrate and participate all way through.

Content of MeetingBox 4©

The Guide Design and facilitate meetings online gives you an overview of what you need to do when planning a virtual meeting, before, during, and after the meeting. You can also read about what you need to pay particular attention towards, when you meet on a digital platform and participate from various localities.

Find examples of virtual meeting activities in the ActivityCards, to ensure that the participants are actively engaged e.g. by taking part in a vote or by writing something on a virtuel whiteboard. See what the different activities are suited for in the ActivityCards overview.

Use the Hourglass (5 min.) to ensure that the participants are actively engaged at least every five minutes during the meeting. Put it next to you during the online meeting in order to keep track of time.

You can use MeetingBox 4© regardless of your previous experience with digital meetings.


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